Chris Brown – UFO encounter

Posted by Jim Malliard on Saturday, 18 of March , 2017 at 12:54 am

Guest: Chris Brown

Encountering the paranormal is a life-altering event, and the effects of that event vary from person to person. While there is the unique group of people like us that actively search it out, there are others that unintentionally cross paths with the abnormal. With the evidence amassing at a near record pace for the proof of a reality far different from that of which we have been conditioned to know; open acceptance is something that may not happen any time soon and skepticism still runs very deep. Such is the case of this week’s guest, Chris Brown. Chris’ UFO encounter in 2011 has changed his life drastically, and his quest to make his and others’ stories heard continues to this day.

At the beginning of the interview we quickly learn that this is not the first meeting between Chris and Jim, but this is the first recorded interview for The Malliard Report. Jim and Chris start out by discussing the record setting 1.5 billion dollar Power Ball jackpot that had the entire nation in complete suspense. Chris states that if he were to strike the jackpot he would use his winnings to buy a large log cabin style home up in the remote Pacific Northwest and travel the world. Jim says that he would take his winnings, purchase a tour bus, and take the show on the road. (So would the new slogan be “THE fastest road trip in paranormal talk radio?) What about you? What would you do with that kind money? Chris and Jim ponder on how so many of the big jackpot winners find themselves in far worse situations than what they started out in.

After an anecdotal tale of using tip money to win on a gambling machine, the conversation shifts into the very first UFO encounter Chris experienced and how that paved the way for the journey that he is currently on. On the evening of August 18th 2011 Chris Brown was out casually watering his lawn when a massive disc shows up in the field just down the way from him. Chris describes the craft to be that of diamond/glass in appearance and produced a sort of “vibrating” energy that was physically felt. Finding himself absolutely dumbfounded at what was he was witnessing, he finally gathered his thoughts enough to where he knew he needed to get someone else to see what he was seeing. Unsure of whether he should get one of his neighbors, or try and snap a few pictures with his nearby iPod, he moved closer to try and get a better view of the object. The craft then moved across the neighborhood to another field where it sat for a few more minutes before taking off and disappearing.

Unsure to what exactly he had just witnessed, and determined that he needed to see this again, Chris set out every night on a vigilante over watch on the nighttime sky. Night after night of fruitless hunting, Chris was becoming discouraged with the whole situation. On the night of the 27th of August, frustrated by another eventless night, Chris and his son were about to head inside when the both heard a loud “pop” accompanied with a bright flash. When they both looked to see what the cause of this was, they noticed what appeared to be a bubble, approximately five feet in diameter traveling along the fiber optic lines that run done the road. Chris stated that it appeared as if the bubble was “feeding off of the lines” for energy. The bubble continued down its course, made another “pop”, and took off into the sky. Having confirmed what he saw a few weeks prior, and now with witnesses, Chris contacted a friend that was a local power company worker to verify what they had seen was not an issue with the power lines. When there were no issues reported for that timeframe, Chris Brown was now on a mission to make his story known.

This is the part that many people that encounter paranormal events run into the most frustration. They reach out to share their story, or to find answers and only meet skepticism and criticism and in Chris’ case it was no different. Chris originally sought to contact local news agencies and scientist, but ended up running into brick wall after brick wall. Eventually writers from MUFON contacted Chris and they reported his story in the December 2014 issue of the MUFON Monthly Journal. His story garnered their interest due to the number of witnesses that saw the craft (turns out not only did Chris and his son see the craft, so did a neighbor!) and incredible level of detail Chris gave describing the series of events. The story has since become the subject of MUFON investigations and was also featured in the book “Alien Equation” by Erica Goetsch.

As the time quickly winds down, Chris Brown and Jim also discuss how the event has changed Chris’ outlook on a number of things, experiences that have followed the sighting and how they have affected Chris, and Chris reiterates that he is just a normal guy that is trying to get his, and the countless others’ story told. This is a fascinating story to hear, and the hour just flies by proving yet again that The Malliard Report truly is THE fastest hour in paranormal talk radio.

Until the next episode,

Stay True Quackrew!

You can read Chris’ testimony and see his drawings of the orb here:

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Jim Malliard talks conspiracies via live calls

Posted by Jim Malliard on Tuesday, 14 of March , 2017 at 4:17 pm

This week on The Malliard Report Jim once again is hosting phone calls and talking conspiracy. Straying from the traditional host/guest format, Jim opens up the forums to discussion to get the chatter going on conspiracies; both popular and lesser known. Get comfortable, open your mind, and challenge your preconceived notions to the “official stories”. If you have been a listener to the show for any length of time, you should be familiar with some of the more widely known conspiracies (e.g. 9/11, Sandy Hook, JFK, etc.) so this week we will focus on some of the lesser known theories.

They say that the sun never sets on The British Empire and such was the case for four mop headed youths from Liverpool. Gaining some notoriety under the moniker “The Quarrymen” during the late 1950s, they soon switched the name and band member lineup, and by 1963 Beatlemania had taken over the world. But all was not well for The Fab Four, and while appearing to be at the pinnacle of success, frustrations soon reached a tipping point. Following a heated argument between John and Paul over creative differences during the Abbey Road recordings, Paul stormed out of the studio and decided to go for a drive to clear his head. (This is where the conspiracy kicks in) According to the theory, while on this drive, Paul lost control of his Aston and was killed in the crash. Fearing mass hysteria and substantial profit losses, record execs and other various powers that be suppress the news of Paul’s death and scramble to find a replacement. Holding a Paul McCartney Look Alike contest, William (Billy Shears) Campbell was chosen, whisked off to a plastic surgeon and vocal coach, and quickly took on the role of Paul.

While only originally planned to last the remainder of the Abbey Road sessions/tour, William became obsessed with playing the part and forced the other Beatles to continue on. It is rumored that many clues have been left behind from the surviving band members in the form of backward masked messages in songs such as “Paul is dead I miss him, I miss him” in the song “I’m so tired” and “I buried Paul” in “Strawberry Fields Forever” among many, many others. Also, many hidden iconography such as bass guitar wreath hidden on the Sgt. Pepper’s album cover, and Paul being the only one bare foot on the Abbey Road album cover. (There are many, many others out there, but we recommend that you search them out for yourself). Other theories include that William Campbell is still playing Paul and that the “real” Paul did not die in 1966 but just had quit the band instead, or that Paul really is Paul, and that they knew of these rumors, and being the jokesters that they were just played off of them. Leaving “clues” for people just to mess with them.

One conspiracy theory that seems to be gaining a lot of traction as of late, and seems to be drawing a lot of controversy (but don’t they all?) is that of Holocaust Revisionism. According to the official story during the Second World War, more than six million Jewish prisoners were executed in Nazi internment camps throughout Germany and Poland. As stigma from alleged anti-Semitism claims lessens, more people are beginning to fact check the numbers that have been taught to us in our history lessons. While there is no denying that atrocities did in fact happen at these camps, it is becoming evident that it was not to the levels originally propagated and that Jewish prisoners were not the only ones being subjected to these horrors. What drives the speculation to these claims even further is the en-masse attempts to stop or demonize such research. If it did in fact happen the way that they claim, then there should be no reason to worry right?

The above examples are just the tip of the tip of the iceberg when it comes to these theories, and these two theories are only the beginning to a very deep, twisting path. While it may seem daunting, we encourage you to venture down this path. Check these claims for yourself. Do the research, and check your sources. Share these findings with others, and let us know what you think and find as well. Use the comments below, or feel free to use the @TMR247 Twitter link.



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Daniel Abella – Philip K. Dick film festival director

Posted by Jim Malliard on Monday, 13 of March , 2017 at 12:03 am

Guest: Daniel Abella

Being human after all is more than the theme to a popular robot rock song, it is the cornerstone for the Speculative Science Fiction genre that is becoming more and more popular in both film and written works. On this week’s episode of The Malliard Report, Jim shifts from the traditional repertoire and welcomes a very special (and very busy) guest, Daniel Abella. Already in its fourth year, Daniel oversees the operations for the Philip K Dick Film Festival: an independent film festival that showcases up and coming film makers in the Science Fiction genre that is quickly gaining international notoriety by hosting events in France, Poland, and the US. The festival is inspired by the works of Philip K Dick who was a science fiction writer from 1952 – 1982 and was the inspiration behind great films such as “Blade Runner”, “Total Recall”, “A Scanner Darkly”, and many others.

Following a brief introduction, Daniel and Jim quickly dive into what exactly “Speculative Science Fiction” is and how it plays into the overall Sci-Fi world. Unlike the traditional “hard-lined” Sci-Fi, the speculative category delves more into the human aspect of it all. Instead of focusing on the great powers of the super hero, the internal struggles of the hero may be highlighted, or rather than the eventual hostile AI takeover, a story may be based on the seemingly minute, but devastating effects that technology is having on the human race. Speculative Science Fiction has a tendency to take on many of the philosophical fundamentals such as what it means to be human, who are we, what is reality, how to remain human in a dehumanized world, and breaks them down into an understandable and entertaining format.

After the informative breakdown of the subject matter, Jim begins to poke into Daniel’s personal interests and thoughts on the current state of the Science Fiction genre as a whole and some of the submissions to the festival. Daniel openly admits that he is a personal fan of the “old school” when it comes to film making, but states that there are a number of animation films that are a cut above the rest. One animated short that was a submission to the festival that really stood out to Daniel was “The Looking Planet” and for good reason; this is a fantastic film. “The Looking Planet” is available for viewing online and would recommend taking some time to view it. Jim and Daniel also discuss how Sci-Fi has helped bring the paranormal into the “mainstream” (this has been both a good thing and a bad thing) and how the festival itself has become a fantastic platform for artistic creation that does not stray too far from reality. As Daniel states “Science Fiction is the science of the future.”

The conversation quickly shifts into the quality of the movies being made today, trends that are on the horizon, and those that have come and gone. Jim and Daniel both acknowledge that while film production has become somewhat simpler in use, the quality still holds to superb levels. The challenge however is in the storytelling itself; creating new and interesting ideas to keep the people entertained. This brings about the subject of the film trends that are being noticed, and the (in some cases much needed) phase out of others. Daniel states that there is no real stand out theme this year, but is seeing an increase in movies that focus on the technological impact on the human race and the blurring of realities. Cliché’s seem to be fading out, and new, exciting storytelling is beginning to come forward.

Unfortunately the interview has to be cut short due to the limited battery life of cell phones, but before Jim and Daniel part ways they are able to cover the success and growth of the festival, hopes for future festivals, the new Star Wars movie, and the revival of the X-Files. One point that Daniel makes before the end that really stands out is that at the end of the day it is not about movies, stories, festivals, etc. but rather people coming together and connecting over a common interest.

The last segment of the show is the duck flying solo, and this gives Jim the opportunity to cover a few of the great things that are coming in the new year, and reminisce on the highlights of the past five years. Yes folks, that is right. 2016 will see the five year anniversary of The Malliard Report and it just so happens that it actually falls on a Tuesday as well, so it should be a good time all around. You may have noticed the new intro, the slick website re-design, but the outro by the late Scott Blight still sends us off in a classy fashion because hey, why change a good thing right? Finally, a special “Thank You” to each and every one of you. You are the reason that we do what we do; why we make the films, why we do the podcasts, why we host the festivals but this is not all us. You are just as a big player in this as any one of us. Go to the festivals, leave reviews, thoughts, ideas on the podcast forums, and share with your friends and family. This gives us the opportunity to change direction, make the genre bigger, and just make the content better as a whole. You are the reason that this show is THE Fastest Hour in Paranormal Talk Radio and we thank you.

Until the next episode,

Stay True Quackrew!

For information on the festival or how to get tickets, go to:

The fantastic animated short “The Looking Planet” can be found here:

And of course, don’t forget to check out the newly remodeled


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Dennis Stone – Megalith Structure

Posted by Jim Malliard on Sunday, 5 of March , 2017 at 6:59 pm

As 2015 winds down to an end and 2016 is ready and waiting in the wings, it is only fitting that this week’s guest brings to the table a topic that is creating a lot of controversy in the archaeological and historical fields.

While it is almost considered common knowledge that Christopher Columbus did set sail in 1492, he was not the first to trek through the ol’ Red, White, and Blue. What is not so common knowledge is the existence of America’s Stonehenge (Not to be confused with the Georgia Guide stones, which is another topic for another show). In the southeastern New Hampshire town of Salem, an ancient megalith structure of unknown origin sprawls across the hilly countryside plaguing archaeologists and researches alike by leaving more questions than answers.

With no hesitation, Dennis immediately jumps into the theories of origin for the site and drops a lot of information in a short amount of time. So be ready. One of the first points that Dennis Stone covers is the age of the site. Through the use of many different methods, some of which are technologically astounding, it has been determined that the site is approximately 4000 years old! A construction project from 2000 B.C. puts the 240-year history of the US in perspective doesn’t it?

In a rapid and almost seamless fashion Dennis moves right into the purpose of the site. Dennis points out, much to his chagrin, that the site is what is considered to be a “clean” site archaeologically speaking. A “clean” site in this regard refers to the lack of tools and other typical artifacts that are most commonly found in and around ancient sites. While this may hinder the search in pinpointing the “who” in the site’s backstory, it does shine some light onto the “why”. Normally, ancient sites that are held in an esteemed regard (e.g. places of worship, burial locations, ceremonial usage, etc.) were kept free of typical construction litter to maintain a level of reverence for the site. With this, by a simple process of deduction, researchers were able to determine that America’s Stonehenge was a ceremonial/burial ground with astronomical alignments much similar to that of the more commonly recognized Stonehenge located in Wiltshire, England.

Without a pause, Dennis again unloads a mass of information at a lightning pace diving into the many potential architects of the megalith. As mentioned earlier, the structure itself resembles that of many other sites around the world. This quickly spurs a discussion between Jim and Dennis about how ancient sites globally can share so many common traits. One theory that stands out is that civilizations of old took to the seas in exploration far earlier than we are led to believe, spreading their knowledge and wisdom as they went. Not derailing too far from the subject at hand, Dennis delves into the some of the archaeological indicators of the most likely groups responsible. What little evidence that has been left behind at the site has uncovered Ogham and Phoenician writings pointing to the potential of the ancient Britons being the architects.

To put a bow on this pretty little show before they go, Jim and Dennis Stone answer questions from the chat room, discuss how many megalith sites are found across the world, the controversy surrounding the history of American’s Stonehenge and the Pattee family, how the existence of a popular breed of cat may be an indicator to ancient Viking settlements, and much, much more. There is a lot of information and it moves fast in this episode so buckle up and see why The Malliard Report is THE fastest hour in paranormal talk radio.

2015 was a fair year for The Malliard Report and 2016 is going to be even better. Also this week it is with great privilege to introduce the latest in The Malliard Report lineup:, which features the new and sleek streaming feature and of course don’t forget for the awesome chatroom during the live show, and to see our fantastic sponsors, t shirts, and on demand shows. Make sure to stop by to see all of the great things that Dennis and his team are working on, and if you are in the area please go see it for yourself.

Until the next episode,


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William Hall – Paranormal Author and Investigator

Posted by Jim Malliard on Saturday, 25 of February , 2017 at 2:04 pm

Guest:  William Hall

This weeks Malliard Report is one heck of a return to form, and an excellent show to have near the end of the year for 2015 as our host Jim Malliard shows once more why his show is the Fastest Hour in Paranormal Talk Radio when he introduces special guest Paranormal Author and Investigator William Hall to the show to discuss what all he’s been doing lately.

In fact that pretty much is the dominant theme of the show this week, as right off the bat Jim and William Hall discuss exactly what our guest has been up to with the current books that he’s written. The first of the two that we get a chance to look at this week being “The Haunted House Diaries” which centers itself around a house in Connecticut and was published as recently as August, several months prior. As our guest William Hall explains it though, it’s got a little bit of everything in it for everyone. It’s got mystery, heartbreak, and a bit of suspense as well as more to share. In fact it even includes bonus material such as audio and video evidence as well.

The second book that our guest William Hall wants to share with us all is “The World’s Most Haunted House”, which is also similarly set in Connecticut, and is also about a farm-house with its own paranormal poltergeist activity inside. The reason for both of the books being set in the Connecticut area as our guest explains is that he feels that there’s a lot of good stories centered in the area that he feels needs to be shared. in fact during the Malliard Report show itself he shares a few stories with Jim that can be found in the book as well. Which all information for can be found at .

Luckily for all fans of the Malliard Report this week that William Hall seems to be an experienced speaker, calling on his expertise as a Lecturer on the paranormal as there’s something fascinating about hearing him speak, and he spoke quite a lot at this weeks show. In fact most of the hour is predominated with him talking about his books, his experiences as an author, ghost stories, paranormal experiences, that it leaves Jim for the most part silent as he lets William Hall speak. Of course there was a point near the last quarter of the show where Jim jumped in to share some of his own experiences with something similar to events that our guest shared and what happened with him which made for an exciting time, before asking our guest what else to expect from him in the future. Hopefully of course another appearance on the Malliard Report.

Of course, as usual our hour ends up used, and the Fastest Hour In Paranormal Talk Radio has to come to an end. But luckily we got information from a good author about a good book, and a promise to come onto the show another time. Hopefully when William Hall comes on again he’ll have more to share, as this week was a blast. And as usual, stay quacking and we’ll see all of the Malliard Report fans next week.


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Jamie Boxell and Random Thoughts

Posted by Jim Malliard on Saturday, 11 of February , 2017 at 2:56 pm

This weeks Malliard Report is a little bit different than most that we’ve seen before, and that’s what makes this show truly exciting. Once more Jim Malliard shows us why his show is “The Fastest Hour in Paranormal Talk Radio”, and this show is no different. Tonight there isn’t a special guest that’s on the show, and Jim is going in blind and without a script. It would seem most of the people that Jim had lined up for the show got sick or their daily lives took it’s toll on their time. But that’s alright, being left alone with Jim just allows us to get to know the man a bit more!

Jim Malliard this week of course isn’t flying solo all by himself, so there’s no worry about that. In fact halfway through the show he manages to get Jamie Boxell, our special guest from a few weeks ago back on air to come and talk about Paranormal investigations and take several Chat Room questions regarding ghost sightings and Sasquatch sightings being correlated. Of course the answer to that one being that there doesn’t even seem to be less sightings of both, at least not to both Jamie Boxell and Jim. But, before and even after Jamie Boxell leaves and leaves us with just Jim again, it’s right back to the wall to wall train of thoughts. The topics might be jumping around a little bit this week, but that shows how Jim’s mind seems to work a mile a minute and is why the Malliard Report has been on top with it’s A game lately.

In fact there’s a wide range of topics to talk about as well. The first major one that Jim talks about is Evil, and how there seems to be a lot of it in the world, and how the world can seem to be full of negative emotions. A lot of which guests of the show might agree with, or even disagree with as they listen to the Podcast. But part of the conversation of Evil as a natural force centers around Jim’s thoughts and fundamentalists among religion, and how a lot of people who are part of a worldwide religious organization that preach love and unity can be so hateful, and so spiteful with one another and even people outside of the religion itself.

Of course that’s a heavy subject to talk about, that much is certain, which is why eventually our host moves on from such a topic to talk about other Hosts of other Radio Shows. In fact he’s even shared that he was running a poll off of his twitter that asked who his followers thought was the best Host. Choices including George Noory, Art Bell, and even a few contemporary ones in Pop Culture as well, but segued nicely into the topic of Jim’s thoughts on other Radio Hosts in the business he’s in and how some of them seem to become possessive of the audience that they’ve built up, and focus on the negative aspects of their job as opposed to building a community together with other Radio Hosts.

Still, that all leads nicely to the end of the show when we sadly have to end it. The moniker of the show is “The Fastest Hour in Paranormal Talk Radio” for a reason, but Jim takes a moment to talk about the Malliard Report once more and talk about what it is that he loves doing with it. How much he wants to be around for a long time to come, and he’s looking forward to 2016. And really, we all should be as well, especially with the plans that Jim Malliard has. Just remember till then though: Keep Quacking and we’ll see you next week!


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Shawn Super Soldiers

Posted by Jim Malliard on Sunday, 5 of February , 2017 at 8:13 pm

Guest: Shawn Super Soldiers

What an amazing show we have for all fans of the Malliard Report tonight. While the show is known for being “The Fastest Hour in Paranormal Talk Radio”, tonight’s show and the guest that Jim Malliard brought on proves that moniker more than ever before. Tonight, Jim brings on a very special guest named Shawn. That’s it. Just Shawn, and that’s all we’re told that his name is. No last name or anything of that nature.

That only enhances the quality of the show however when it’s shown that Shawn isn’t out to promote anything. He’s not an artist, or a radio host, or an author or anything. He’s simply a man with a story to tell, which shows that his addition was a bit of a last minute thing though because as Jim said, he originally wasn’t planning on doing a show that night. In fact, in terms of preparation Jim wanted to do the show quickly after being contacted by Shawn, so he’s a little unprepared, but not enough to not bring us a quality show.

The first bit of discussion though revolves around Shawn, and getting to know him and what he’s like. While he still won’t give us a last name, he explains a bit of his early life and where he’s from, and what’s shaped him into the person he is today as he discusses his earliest memories. Memories that include visions of different almond eye shaped creatures, both that him and his mother have experienced, as well as memories from being on a sort of military air base that he was allowed to be on. A lot of theme that he explains, quite frankly, are a little troubling and down right scary.

But then it moves onto the question that Jim has to ask: If our guest, Shawn, believes that the government has, and is currently, willingly covering up information about UFO’s, aliens and the like. Of course naturally, with our guest sharing his memories from earlier says that he believes with all of his heart that yes, the Government is covering things up, explaining why he believes so, and how the government actively seeks out people who expose the truth, such as on youtube or the like and forces the people putting the videos up to take them down. Which leads of course to the other Government conspiracy theory about whether or not the moon landing itself was faked, and if not, why we’re not there still, or making plans to go back. The answer to this, in all honesty, needs to be heard to be believed, especially from those fans of the Malliard Report who either agree or disagree with the guest.

And all of that is just from within the first twenty minutes of the show! To say that this weeks Malliard Report is deep is a huge understatement to say the least. There’s a lot here that goes deep, from discussions on aliens, to super soldiers, to mind control and more and should not be missed at all. Sadly, the show does come to an end, but out of all the shows that Jim’s done for us over the years this is one show that should be listened to repeatedly, as there’s a lot to discuss, and a lot to go over. For all fans of the Malliard Report though, remember this: Keep quacking and we’ll see you next week.


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Dave Scott – Paranormal Radio Host

Posted by Jim Malliard on Monday, 30 of January , 2017 at 12:14 am

Guest: Dave Scott


What an excellent show we have for all fans of the Malliard Report this week. Heck, for all of those in the quack pack, this one is a heck of a doozy as well! Jim Malliard once again shows why his show is “The Fastest Hour In Paranormal Radio” when he brings out a very special guest for us all. Fellow Paranormal Radio Host Dave Scott joins us while he takes a break from his own paranormal show to talk with us all about his Show, as well as a bunch of other things as well.

First off with the show we start off with a conversation between Dave and Jim about what got our guest into his current job as a Paranormal Radio host, and what led to the decision to do that. Our guest of course explaining how things have effected him paranormally, and how within the last little while in his life, Dave Scott has experienced a lot of things and phenomena that he can’t explain exactly, which led to the creation of his radio program “Spaced Out Radio” at . In fact as Dave Scott explained his own radio program will be celebrating it’s first year anniversary here shortly, which is pretty excellent as he currently does his show for about five nights a week on average, and has really gone through with all of his plans in running it. In fact, as our guest explains though it’s also a bit therapeutic for him as well, with Dave Scott explaining to Jim that he suffers a bit of depression and anxiety from time to time, and running his show has been like therapy for him to the point he no longer needs to be on medication. That alone is a good enough reason to cheer him on and wish him even more success!

In fact Dave Scott goes even further to explain what his show is about as well, and what makes it different from all the other Paranormal Radio shows that are currently airing right now. Explaining how he set it up as a safe place to discuss the paranormal and paranormal experiences because how even in our real lives, it’s still unacceptable to talk about our experiences. Also as a safe place from other people as well who might even be openly hostile to such believes, telling not only Jim but any fan who is listening to the show that the motto of “Spaced Out Radio” is simply “We Believe Everyone”. While this motto doesn’t keep people from having their beliefs or experiences challenged of course, Dave Scott explains that everyone experiences reality differently, and no two people will ever have the same experience, so by believing everyone he believes he’s created a show that caters to people who have no one else to believe them.

All in all, there are a lot of different things that were discussed on the Malliard Report this week from Dave Scott’s show, to a discussion with problems in the Paranormal Field today in the second half of the show, to even both Jim and Dave sharing their experiences as Radio Hosts. Sadly though, as we always find out with the Malliard Report, it’s indeed the fastest hour in paranormal talk radio, and we have to end eventually. Luckily though, Jim has enough time to share his thoughts with us this week, and as he’s always fond of saying to everyone. Stay quacking, and stay safe until the next show next week.


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From the far beyond to the close to home, Jim Malliard, your host, entertains his audience with insightful interviews with interesting guests from all walks of life. Jim explores the back story, the hidden story, and the things others hosts are afraid to touch. From the secrets of the paranormal to the Government Spying on us, no topic is taboo. The Malliard Report brings it all to you. Full bore. "Bring it on, bring it on, nothin’ we can’t handle." -Jim